Christmas a la Mode to premiere on LIFETIME, November 15th @ 8pm!

(photo: Gaumont, 2019)

(photo: Gaumont, 2019)

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An Experiment with an Air Pump

Backyard Renaissance Theatre (in residence @ La Jolla Playhouse)

“The discussion is fascinating and the cast incredibly strong…”

-- E.M. Reiter (Broadway World)

“…the most impressive production in the four-year history of Backyard Renaissance, which is the 2018-2019 resident theater company at La Jolla Playhouse.”

--David L. Coddon (San Diego Tribune)


Gay Shorts: We Are Family Open Theater Project

"The delightful and very funny mother/daughter scene in A Little Experimenting is an ideal way to end Gay Shorts. We see two sides of Caroline Keeler during the evening. She’s tense and cautious in the tiny potboiler Red and the Wolf, but in the wrap-up script her comic timing and expressive face invigorates the role of the daughter. "

- David Greenham (The Arts Fuse)


First Love is the Revolution Apollinaire Theater

"’s a shame that the chickens—played with show-stopping hilarity by Caroline Keeler and Liz Adams—had to die; some of the evening’s best laughs belong to Keeler’s riotous portrayal."

-- Christopher Ehlers (DigBoston)

"...the choice to cast veteran Boston actors Liz Adams and Caroline Keeler as grass seed-obsessed chickens is inspired (they’re hilarious)."

-- Michael Hoban (Theater Mirror)


Penny Penniworth Titanic Theatre Company

"Caroline Keeler is wonderful as the hapless, penniless child who must navigate a world of sleazy opportunists and ruthless predators." -- Beverly Creasey (Boston Arts Review)

"The comedic timing and comic virtuosity of Caroline Keeler, Isaiah Plovnick, Brooks Reeves, and Ashley Risteen is beyond marvelous as they perform their way through a multi-referenced, Charles Dickens inspired spoof of convoluted proportions." -- Susan Mulford (Boston & Beyond)

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Moonbox Productions

"...perfect tapestry of art blended with history... a production that engages from start to finish, flowing with seamless dialogue." --Susan Mulford (Boston & Beyond)

"...Caroline Keeler in a lovely, spunky performance." --Beverly Creasey (Boston Arts Review)

"Sloan and Caroline Keeler (Mozart's wife Constanze) have chemistry as young lovers and when the bloom fades off the romance. She is also making her Moonbox debut and it is an impressive one." --Nancy Grossman (BroadwayWorld)

"Caroline Keeler has the right combination of loving support and tenacity as Constanze."--Jules Becker (South End News)